32 Things for 32 Years

Paisley Bird
2 min readJan 18, 2024

January is my birthday month, so I decided to share 32 things I’ve learned while being alive for 32 years:

  1. Thoughts are not your identity
  2. Your brain is stronger than how you think
  3. Embracing your inner child and having fun will improve your mood
  4. Relationships become stronger when you you face fear and repair after conflict
  5. Your mindset dictates your realty
  6. Empathy and understanding are skills
  7. Being sensitive is a positive attribute
  8. You can alter someone’s impact on you by detaching
  9. You impact others more than you realize
  10. Learning the difference between fear and intuition is vital
  11. Closure is created, not found
  12. Running away does nothing but wear you out and extend the pain
  13. Your subconscious plays a predominant role and accepting that will bring peace
  14. Learning your core beliefs will change your life
  15. Making friends with your demons will bring self-acceptance
  16. Gratitude should be a daily practice
  17. There is such a thing as truth, but no one will ever know what it is because our reality is subjective
  18. Energy doesn’t lie
  19. Fear is the root of internal obstacles
  20. Family is chosen
  21. You take up space, whether you believe it or not
  22. Doing nothing is doing something
  23. Heal others and you’ll heal yourself, and vice versa
  24. The more you accept yourself, the less obstacles impact you
  25. The universe has your back, if you truly believe it
  26. Life is tough, but doesn’t always have to be
  27. Pain is a signal
  28. Vulnerability is a strength
  29. Everything is a projection
  30. You cannot seek happiness, it’s an acceptance of the present moment and self
  31. We all walk around with voids, it’s your job to responsibly fill it
  32. Love always wins, even if it takes time

Pain used to be my constant, but I’ve learned it’s okay to feel joy, it’s not too good to be true. If you resonate with any of these, please reach out.



Paisley Bird

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